Team LWT visits IIT Kanpur.


Our Stay/ Visit Experience

IIT Kanpur has the largest campus, amongst all IITs. With the widespread greenery and the house to beautiful birds, IIT Kanpur stands out in terms of infrastructure, fresh and clean environment, peaceful atmosphere. Reaching IIT Kanpur on the evening of Holi (2nd March, 2018), we were all set to explore the campus. With an amazing guest house experience, with super fine rooms, and the backyard of the rooms leading to a beautiful corridor, which coincidently turned out to be a pathway for beautiful peacocks in the campus. We were mesmerized by the way we could connect to nature, staying in a campus of IIT. Starting off the day with a buffet breakfast, and amazing food, we went on to see the campus. Amidst, some really helpful students, and smiling faces the experience of IIT Kanpur was really amazing. Especially, the building of the campus, which was brick red, it gave us an appearance of the traditional engineering used in making them. The campus being so vast, we couldn’t cover it walking, we had to use the car rented out from “Zoomcar”. Ending the day, we decided to taste the canteen’s food which was served to the Indian and the foreign students. The budget-friendly food was delicious; a standard quality that served sufficient quantity. The best part of the canteen was there was the seating arrangement. There were enough chairs and tables, but the best part was the lawn of green grass which was free to be used by anyone for sitting and eating. Spending the next day, exploring the campus, meeting the Gymkhana president we also explored a new hangout place in the campus, the Cafe Coffee Day outlet situated in the campus itself. Overall, the campus was outstanding, and the major reason being, the blending of nature with the smartest brains of the country.



  • Airways(Via Lucknow)

Lucknow airport, also known as ‘Amausi airport’ is located about 80 kilometers away from IIT Kanpur. You can hire taxis at the airport to the IIT Kanpur, campus. The typical cost will be 1500 INR, approximately. It takes two hours to drive from the Lucknow airport to the IITK. It is not recommended to fly to Kanpur airport.

  • Railways

Kanpur Central Railway station is well connected to most cities in North, East and Central India. It is located on the Delhi-Kolkata train route and all major trains between these cities usually pass through Kanpur. IIT Kanpur is located at a distance of about 16 kilometers from the Kanpur Central Railway Station. It is possible to hire taxis (250 INR, approximately) and auto rickshaws (130 INR, approximately ) to IITK from the railway station. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from Kanpur Central railway station to IIT Kanpur.

  • Road

Kanpur, central bus stand/Jhakar-Katti bus stand is located close to the Kanpur railway station. The taxi/auto fares are nearly the same as those from the railway station. Alternatively, you can directly take ola outstation from Lucknow. (Cost around 1200 INR).


Overall, IIT Kanpur was one of the best experiences amongst all the IITs that we set out to visit. Friendly students and the smiling faces, made our visit to IIT Kanpur worthy.

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