About Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

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Brief History

The journey of IITM began on 31st July 1959. Although, the planning had started since 1956, when the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, offered assistance to the then Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, to set up a higher technological institute in India. The Indo-german agreement was signed, as a result. Dr.A.Lakshmanaswamy and Dr.B.Sengupto were appointed as the first Chairman of the Board of Governors and the first Director of the Institute, respectively. The Parliament of India declared IITM as an ‘institute of national importance’ in 1961. One interesting thing that happened in the history of IITM was that the first and second batches completed their graduation at the same time. The second batch was ahead of their schedule as a war-preparedness was there due to the Chinese aggression in 1962. The institute has experienced quality education by mixing up Literature and various other subjects, with the monotonous course of B.Tech. Many honorary degrees have been conferred, and the institute celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2009.

Notable Alumni

  • Kris Gopalakrishnan (executive vice chairman of Infosys Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google Inc.)
  • Anand Rajaraman (co-founder of Cambrian Ventures and Kosmix)
  • N. Suresh (Indian aerospace scientist; the Chancellor of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology)
  • Muthuraman (former Vice Chairman of Tata Steel)
  • Venky Harinarayan (co-founder of Cambrian Ventures and Kosmix)
  • Raju Narayana Swamy (IAS officer)
  • Prabhakar Raghavan ( Vice President of Engineering at Google)
  • Sowmya (Carnatic music singer)

Basic Campus Details and student activity centre

Location: Sardar Patel Road, Adyar, Chennai.

Area: 630 acres

Hostel Details: 21 (total) – 18 (boys) and 3 (girls)

Activities for students: IIT Madras has been bestowed the ‘Outstanding University, 2017’ award for ‘University Student Activities’ by the American Concrete Institute.

A number of literary and social activities take place on the campus throughout the year.
There are various clubs, like the Music Club, Astronomy Club, Photography Club, Literary Club, Hiking club, etcetera.
In order to encourage linguistic freedom, there are many Sabhas and Mandals, like the Hindi Mitra Mandal, Kannada Sangha, and so on.
The batch of 1981 had set up a Centre for Innovation, which is a student lab, with the objective of gathering creative outputs from the students.
Many fests happen throughout the year, like the Highlights Class-fest and Youthfest, for the music aspirants; an inter-IIT sports meet; literary events like Scrabble and Crossie; a flagship event called Ragaabop; Saarang- the annual cultural fest; and a lot of other events by the various clubs and societies.
Various sports facilities are available at the campus; enthusiasm is shown in significant amount towards it.
There is a discussion forum called the ‘Colloquium’ to discuss topics of social relevance or current affairs, etcetera.
IVIL- IIT for villages is a discussion as well as action platform to discover and work for rural India.
Apart from this, a B.Tech program includes the completion of either NCC (National Cadet Corps), or NSO (National Sports Organization), or NSS (National Service Scheme).
In this way, co-curricular activities are given as much importance as academics at IIT Madras.

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