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Brief History

Following the N.M Sircar Committee, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi was inaugurated in 1961, by Prof. Humayun Kabir. IIT Delhi was built with the vision to contribute to the development of the country. IIT Delhi is an autonomous statutory body, functioning in terms of the Institute of Technology (Amendment) Act, 1963. Located in the heart of the city, Hauz Khas, the campus spreads over 320 acres/ 1.3 km2.

Some Famous Names from the Alumni.

IITD has a list of big names from their Alumni section, working across the globe in various sectors. Some of the most famous personalities are as follows:

  • Chetan Bhagat (Indian writer with 6 national bestsellers)
  • Sachin Bansal (Co-founder of Flipkart)
  • Vinod Khosla (Listed Billionaire by Forbes, co-founder of Sun Microsystem/ Khosla Ventures)
  • Raghuram Govind Rajan (Indian economist and ex-RBI governor)
  • Deepinder Goyal (Founder of Zomato)
  • Kiran Bedi (Retired police officer and Politician)


Basic Campus Details and Activities for Students

Location: Hauz Khas

Area: 325 acres.

Popular monuments nearby: Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar.

Hostel details: 13(total)-11(boys) and 2(girls).

Activities for Students:  There are a number of student bodies, with their own set of responsibilities. The highest student body being SAC (Student Activity Centre), various student bodies included in the SAC, are as follows;

  1. Board of Student Welfare (BSW): The youth festival of IITD, “Speranza” is organized by the BSW. The other major responsibilities are to provide financial aid to the needy students, as per the guidelines.
  2. Board of Research and Creative Activities (BRCA): The BRCA organizes the annual cultural fest of IITD, “Rendezvous”. Moreover, it comprises of 10 clubs, working under their respective secretaries, as follows: Literary Club, Debating Society, Dance Club, Music Club, Photography and Film Club, Indoor Sports Club, Quizzing Club, the Fine Arts and Crafts Club, Hindi Samiti, and the Society for the promotion of Indian classical music amongst the youth.
  3. Board of Student Publications (BSP): The BSP organizes the annual literary fest of IITD, “Literati”. Moreover, the board brings out 4 magazines, the Inception, the Muse, Sync I and Sync II annually. BSP is also responsible for a series of events, like panel discussions, guest talks, poetry recitations, and literature quizzes, throughout the year.
  4. Board for Sports Activities (BSA): Being the sports body, the BSA is responsible for organizing the annual sports festival of IITD, “Sportech” and conducting the Inter-hostel sports competition, Inter-Sports Meet, with games like Aquatics, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Lawn tennis, Squash, Table-tennis, Volleyball, Weight-lifting.
  5. Co-curricular and Academic Interaction Council (CAIC): CAIC organizes the technical festival of IITD,”Trust”, annually. The co-curricular activities organized are distributed under 4 categories, as follows:  Robotics Club, Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Technocracy (consisting of Astronomy Club, Economics Club, Electronics Club and Tech Workshops), Automobile Club.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell: eDC is the entrepreneur cell of IITD, which focuses on supporting budding entrepreneurs at the college level, to make them successful and established. eDC IITD, has the vision to enrich the entrepreneurial environment and experience in India including students, working professionals, mentors, angel investors, and venture capitalists, through their annual tech fest, “Tryst”.


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