IIT Kanpur

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Brief History

IIT Kanpur was established in 1959, under the assistance of Kanpur-Indo American Programme. It had started in Harcourt Butler Technological Institute campus and after 10 years, it moved to its present location. P.K. Kelkar was the first director of the institute. The institute is the fourth sibling of IIT family and it became the first in India to offer Computer Science education, under the guidance of John Kenneth.


Some Big Names from the Alumni

  • R. Narayana Murthy (Co-founder, Infosys and the author of ‘A better India, a better world’)
  • Rajeev Motwani (CS professor at Stanford University, former advisor and supporter of Google and PayPal)
  • Anil K. Rajvanshi (Director, NARI)
  • Prem Das Rai (MP, Sikkim)
  • Uday B. Desai (Director, IIT Hyderabad)
  • Som Mittal (Former President, NASSCOM)
  • Lalit Jalan (Director, Reliance group)
  • Abhay K. Bhushan (Chairman, Aquasquare Inc.)
  • Gunjan Bagla (Founder and MD, Amritt Inc.)


Basic Campus details and Student Activity Centre

Location: Grand Trunk Road, Kanpur City.

Area: 1000 acres.

Popular destination for sight-seeing nearby: Allen forest zoo, JK temple, Bithoor

Hostel Details: 16(total)- 13(boys) and 3 (girls)

Activities for Students: The students at IITR, conduct following events every year; Antaragni (four days cultural festival), Techkriti (a business and entrepreneurship festival), Udghosh (annual inter-college sports meet), Advaya (PG inter-departmental techno-cultural fest) and Vivekananda Youth Leadership Convention.

Recreational facilities like the adventure club, shooting club, joggers club and the astronomy club make the educational process interesting. It also has a very well equipped Gymnasium, library and laboratories.

The institute encourages active learning to help build critical thinking skills of its students and prepare them for research. Research is carried out by small individual led research groups and there are also large interdisciplinary project teams. The research environment supports highly creative work done by a small group. At the same time, the environment is suitable for managing the large mission critical assignments that are undertaken at IIT Kanpur.

A quarterly NERD magazine (Notes on Engineering Research and Development) is published, which contains scientific and technical content created by students. Along with the magazine a student research organization, PoWER (Promotion of Work Experience and Research) has been started. Through BRaIN (Biological Research and Innovation Network) students interested in solving biological problems get involved in research projects.

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