Team LWT visits Ambedkar University Delhi, Lodhi Road Campus.

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Our Visit/Experience

The Lodhi Road campus is the smallest campus of Ambedkar University Delhi. We visited it on 21st April and started exploring with enthusiasm. Despite being small, the campus consisted of a very unique crowd of students. They were all so calm and could be seen doing various kinds of activities in different corners of the campus like someone playing the guitar, someone jamming, and so on. They created an individualistic environment but what still made it good was their friendly attitude, despite all. We realized the environment was very unique due to the fact that there were only M.A. students. They all seemed sorted with the knows-and-hows of a college life. Due to limited space, there wasn’t a big cafeteria. There is just a small canteen and limited seating outside it but the food was really good and budget-friendly. The shady sitting area under a tree reminded us of the university logo, although it wasn’t a Bodhi tree. There was greenery all around and we felt our visit was worth.


Route Map


  • Railways


Hazrat Nizammudin is the major railway station nearby. It is around 3 kms away. Auto or a taxi can be taken from there.

If using metro, the Jor Bagh metro station on the yellow line of Delhi Metro is the nearest. It is around 10 minutes walk from exit gate number 2. A rikshaw costs 20-30 rupees.


  • Roadways


The Defence colony bus station and Lodging Colony Block 8 bus are the nearest. Rikshaw are easily available from there.


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