Team LWT visits IIT Madras.

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Our Visit/ Experience

Team LWT visited IIT Madras during the time of E-summit, in April 2018. It was an enriching, 3 days event, where we actively took part and learnt a lot of things.

13th April’18: We reached the campus in the morning. Then, we had a brief discussion about the summit and went to rest in the guest house. There were some CTAs, namely, Narendra Singh, Anubhav Singh, Mohammed Mubeen, and Tanvi Makkar, who accompanied us there. They were welcomed warmly by the students of IITM and were provided accommodation in different hostels. We met at the main ground (KV ground) in the evening, where we set up our kiosk. Vishal, Saswota and I (Rohit), briefed the CTAs on their role. At around 8 pm, we wrapped up after a good discussion and interaction. Then, we went to explore the cafeteria and signed off on our respective stays.

14th April’18: We met at 10 in the morning, at the same place. There, we interacted with a lot of visitors throughout the day. We, except the CTA’s, went to attend the entrepreneurship conference/workshop. Then after coming back, while the kiosk was managed by some, the rest of us went to take part in the Entrepreneurship quiz, which was happening in the auditorium. A student from there also joined us, who later gave us a tour around the campus. So, we triumphantly cleared the first round, and even though we were not the finalists, it was a great learning experience for us. We were given different topics in the second round, so it was fun. In the end, we got T-shirts from Airtel, who were the sponsors. We resumed the interactional task after a small break and wrapped by 8 pm again. All of us went to the Zaitoon canteen, to have dinner. It was delicious and then we were ready to sign off.

15th April’18: We again met in the morning. It was a slightly monotonous day. We had booked an OLA rental, and as there were not much visitors in the afternoon, the CTAs went to have a full-fledged tour of the entire campus, which couldn’t properly be covered, the day before. Some of us went to see a movie screening that took place in the open air theater (OAT). We interacted a bit in the evening and started to wrap up by 6 pm. We went to our respective stays to pack everything up and then we bid our goodbyes.

Overall, IIT Madras was one of our great experiences. Even after the scorching heat of Chennai, we were very enthusiastic throughout. The students on duty, at the summit, were very helpful. They guided us and made sure we are comfortable. The canteen food was not only good but budget friendly too. And the campus was absolutely beautiful. Deer could easily be spotted and it was an interesting sight. We used the Pedl bicycle by Zoomcar to travel throughout the campus, every day. There was also a free bus service for travelling within the campus. The campus looked even more beautiful because of fairy lights at various places, due to the event. Also, we met a lot of bright students, who undoubtedly will be, the proud alumni of IIT. It was truly amazing.


  • Railways

The Chennai Central railway station is the nearest. From there, you can take bus number 18B or 19S or book an Ola/Uber cab.
You can use the subway to reach the Park Town Station, from Chennai Central. From there, take a train to Katuribai Nagar, which comes every 20-30 minutes. The campus is a 5-minute walk from there.

  • Airways

From The Chennai Meenambakkam Airport, prepaid taxis can be used, which cost around rupees 250 INR and alternatively Ola/Uber can be booked.

  • Roadways

The Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT), you can take bus number 23M, which is direct to the campus.

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