Learning while Travelling

Frequently ASKED Questions (FAQ)

what will my child learn here ?

Our teaching style, teachers and syllabus are very well adapted for online learning. Apart from the learning you and your kid will get to learn and interact with parents from all over India over virtual classes.

what about safety ?

The online sessions can be attended from the comfort of your home which is the safest location for you. One parent needs to accompany the kid for the online class duration. We do share tips to protect your data online.

wouldn't this increase my child's screen exposure ?

Your child should know how to learn online also. Kids do spend 1-2 hours on smartphones by default. We believe that it's better to use screen exposure for structured content than random content. To limit the screen exposure time, we conduct only one-hour session 5 days a week.

can i do this in parallel to offline preschool classes ?

Yes you can. Our classes happen in evenings  which does not conflict with most offline preschool timings.

Will my kid get admission in class 1 after completing UKG from your school ?

We strongly recommend you to follow a hybrid model in UKG. Our online classes can complement offline preschool. This way the kid learns both online and offline ways of learning and can adapt in STD 1 of school.

Do parents needs to be with the kid for class duration ?

Yes, we want one parent to sit with the kid for the full duration of one hour class. We do share parenting tips and let parents from all over India interact with each other.

Will you be also conducting any offline sessions ?

Currently we plan to hold our annual day in GOA during new year time. This will be optional event and separate fees will be collected for this. We will also let you know about any other local get-together organised by us.

I am still not sure about my kid. What to do ?

We understand your concern. you can join our demo classes first and if you find it suitable for your kid then you can proceed with the enrolment.